Friday, April 1, 2016

Grateful for K.

Friends are a rare thing. 
I know.

I have two friends. Yes, exactly two friends that I can TRUST. Two people who I trust with my life.

Some might question, "Just two?"

To that I will answer, " The Best Two!"
I know that each of them will do anything for me - whatever it takes. Both just love me for me and they don't ask questions or make suggestions for change.They accept my quirky little rants on things I'm passionate about and they listen to the rants about my family.

Last week, I had a chance to share a quick get away with one of these sweet friends.  
Thank you K. for listening to the stories that you've heard a million times before. And thank you for taking the time to simply spend time together.  

K. had planned this adventure where we were going to spend a couple days in the mountains together to just have some girl time. Because I was heading to my daughter's following our 'adventure', we drove separately, which wasn't the ideal plan but in this case was necessary. 

Because neither of us had been to this location before, K. downloaded driving directions. Oh gosh, this is where the laughs began. We followed those directions and unexpectedly ended up on numerous dirt roads.  And these weren't just the ordinary dirt roads, these were red clay dirt roads with meteor-sized pot holes for miles. 

I don't know how many times we pulled over to the side of the road to ask that proverbial question, "Is this right?" while revisiting those directions. Google maps sure does encourage the scenic route. :)

When we finally found the sign to our destination we both felt a bit of relief. Even when we met a guy on a snowmobile on the road we weren't too concerned.( that's not true, I was surprised to meet a snowmobile) 

Did I mention the wind was howling and there was snow blowing across the road as we climbed the mountain?  I just had to laugh because we could not have planned a better start to an adventure.

We pulled up to our final destination and couldn't find the office. Oh my gosh, it was so funny. K. wandered around a bit and finally knocked on a door that had a bear standing next to it, holding a "CLOSED" sign. The man pointed her in the right direction.
We checked in and were on our way...

We knew it might be a challenge when the gal told us, "You might want to get a running start to make it into the driveway to your cabin." But we did get to the cabin without getting stuck in the snow and lugged our bags through a couple deep drifts to the front door. 

 Blowing snow with gale force winds didn't stop us from bundling up and wandering around in God's lovely mountain design. We traipsed through some serious deep snow and enjoyed every single minute.What a wonderful day.... 

I've known K. for 26 years and yet I learned more about her. I discovered that she can play the piano and the guitar. I had no idea! And how in the world have I gone this long without knowing her middle name?  

I can hardly wait until our summer adventure.


  1. Aww, I'm grateful you are my "forever" friend. I would be lost without your friendship in my life. Love you forever!

  2. Aww, I'm grateful you are my "forever" friend. I would be lost without your friendship in my life. Love you forever!