Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Several weeks back my mom and sister were visiting. I had to run a few quick errands so mom decided to stay at the house. When we got back mom says, "Do you have anything in your garage that could explode?"

What? Well...not that I know of. Why?

Mom proceeds to tell us that she heard a big boom while we were gone. 
I did go look in the garage in case there had been some type of explosion (ha), but thankfully I didn't find anything.

My sister and I guessed a bird had probably flown into the big window out front but mom didn't agree.  Mom said, "Well that must of been one big bird!" *oh gosh, she makes us laugh*

Fast forward to a couple days ago when I was working in the office. I'm typing on one of my infamous German History papers, when I hear this 'BOOM'. I knew right away a bird had flown into a window. I looked out front fully expecting to see a bird that was seeing stars, but there wasn't one. Eventually I did spot a bird that had flown into the bathroom window. And the blind was closed so I have no idea why a bird would do that. 

Well... this morning I opened the bathroom blind and this is what I see! OH...MY...GOODNESS... This is seriously the craziest thing ever!

A perfect imprint of the bird flying into the window! 

It's kind of amazing but dang... poor bird.

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