Wednesday, June 15, 2016


You may think your story is not 'worthy' of telling but it is. 

Looks can be deceiving. I believe you are more than I see. I see you surrounded by your people...those with whom you laugh and joke. The outside world sees you as someone who smiles through adversity. But inside you feel faint and out of focus. 

Strangers that you meet on the street or those who you follow in the check out line at the store. Each of them living with the complexity of their own charade. The charade so many of us uphold to meet the standards set by society. You plot the contours of your life but can't find the courage to color outside the lines. 

How did society gain such a powerful grip on us?

It's strange how little of the real person we get to see. Strange how many excuses we can conjure up to explain the decisions we make...the decisions that will haunt us in the future. 

It's strange how we envision the dreams of our future and yet the fantasies stay dormant inside your head. 

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