Thursday, June 2, 2016


June? Really? Gosh, wasn't it January just yesterday?

Everywhere I look I see colorful summertime exploding. Peonies are blooming... Delicate iris clusters add texture to landscapes... Lilies are bursting open with hues only found in nature... Allium erupt in orbs of color....Isn't it wonderful?!

Last year I decided to put my own spin on the back yard so I pulled out an enormous amount of black-eyed susans and thousands of volunteer marigolds. It's going to look entirely different this summer but that was the whole idea. Every morning I can see changes in the yard with new flowers blooming and plants seemingly popping up overnight. 
I've intentionally planted nearly all perennials in the yard simply for the ease of knowing they'll be back each year.
I find it fascinating that these beautiful plants can survive such cold Nebraska winters and then turn around and provide us with such beauty in the spring and summer.

Nature is a beautiful thing isn't she? :) 


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