Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 66 - Post 2

After leaving the hospital tonight, I decided to stop by Whole Foods again and see what I could find. I browsed through lots of stuff and still had a difficult time finding items with five ingredients or less. I did find two jars of jelly that fit the rules and I was very happy about that! I haven’t had jelly on toast in 66 days. I also found a box of crackers (Organic version of Triscuits). Of course I didn’t go through every item but I did walk around and check out the things I usually eat and again, didn’t find much that was under five ingredients. I thought it was interesting that the ‘organic’ items had a lot of ingredients but they were things like “organic wheat flour, organic sugar cane, etc etc”  I don’t know the difference between organic sugar cane and regular sugar cane, but in my mind sugar is sugar. I’ve also heard people say how expensive it is to eat organic foods. Well, if you shop at Whole Foods for your fruit, I agree. Their fruit was pricey!  But I did end up with a few things I can munch on if I need to and that’s what I set out to do so … mission accomplished.

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