Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 70

After being in Omaha for a week now, I realize it IS possible to eat REAL food when you are away from home. It’s not nearly as easy or convenient as when you’re in your own environment, but Possible. A couple days ago, as we’re heading back to the hospital, Jess said, “Mom, you’d really have to want to do what you’re doing or this just wouldn’t work.”  She’s absolutely right. Now that I’ve manage to eat REAL food for over two months I know I do want to do it. The experience has made me SO much more aware of food in general.
A few nights ago, Dwight and I decided to skip the cafeteria food and actually go out for supper – to Olive Garden. When I think Olive Garden, I think creamy sauces and breadsticks! None of which follow my ‘rules’. I wasn’t in the mood for salmon and broccoli but I knew I could have that if all else failed. I even thought “this might be my first time of rule breaking”. I asked the waiter if I could have plain pasta with plain veggies, no sauce, no oil, just PLAIN. I added a little cheese on top and it was SO yummy! I had this vision of it being really dry and the pasta coming up in one big ‘lump’ but it wasn’t that way at all! The fresh veggies added a great flavor and I didn’t miss the sauce at all!
Once I do get back home, the first two things I want to make are my homemade granola (oh how I’ve missed that!) and some fresh baked wheat bread to eat with the jelly I found while here.
 But for right now, we continue to be with Braylon and wait anxiously as he begins his healing process so he can come home soon. He's found a special way into Grammy's heart already.

*Thought for the day*
Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken over there...I'm gonna eat the first thing that comes out its butt."


  1. Seriously mom - you need to put those quotes as your facebook status - they are hil.ar.ious!!

  2. I still say you down those Fritos! They follow your rules!!!