Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 91

A quiet Thanksgiving day, but a very nice Thanksgiving day! Dwight and I always enjoy cooking together but especially for holiday meals. Even though it was just us, we decided we wanted to have a special meal. When Jess called us this morning, she just laughed at how much food we were making for ourselves. Everything turned out delicious. Our meal consisted of a baked chicken which just filled the house with wonderful smells, baked potatoes with Dwight’s homemade gravy. Gravy is one of his many specialties. Green beans with onions, we usually we have bacon in them but because I’m following this journey right now, Dwight made it without bacon for me and just added bacon to his own – wasn’t that thoughtful of him? We also made THE best dressing ever! I found a recipe a couple years ago and all I changed in it today was using our own homemade bread. It is full of carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and water chestnuts. It’s amazing, we just love it! And we couldn’t go without dessert so I made two desserts! J Apple crisp and a pumpkin custard that we hadn’t tried before. We even made homemade whipped cream – which was surprisingly easy to make.  And one of the best things I can say about our Thanksgiving meal is it was completely REAL food!  When we started the clean-up, I noticed how little trash we had. Usually we fill up a couple bags of cans/boxes/ etc when we cook but not today. Granted – it was a smaller meal without a house full of guests, but there simply wasn’t much to throw away. I liked that part of it too! 
I want your opinion on something. I’m kicking around a possible idea for my next challenge. As I’ve said, I’ll continue eating REAL food, but I’m thinking about doing it on a strict budget. Help me decide what amount is a ‘strict’ budget. I want it to be challenging, but realistic. Let me know what you think! I can't believe I've made it to day 91!!
*Thought for the day*
 Muffins are for people who don’t have the guts to order cake for breakfast. J

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  1. Sorry I haven't posted in a while - been busy!!! I can't believe you have made it to day 91 either! That is great! As far as your next challenge, I would have NO IDEA what kind of budget to put you on! I don't really even keep track of what I spend on food - but do you really think that is a challenge? Just don't buy very much food - which I don't think you buy much anyway. I still say go with the exercise thing. I think you would feel even better doing that.