Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Challenge 2 - Day 3

 I got up early again this morning to ride my bike but I have to say, it was much harder dragging my butt out of bed today! Once I was up and going, I was glad I did though. Today my eating went well again -- right up to the time Jaxon and I made sugar cookies and then decorated them! J At least I made the cookies and I know exactly what is in to them!
Breakfast – french toast made with homemade whole wheat bread w/ maple syrup
Lunch – salmon and baked sweet potatoes                                                             
Mid afternoon – part of an apple leftover from Jaxon's snack
Supper– pizza using whole wheat crust –cheese, onions, mushrooms, fresh tomato
When I was making lunch today, I actually thought to myself how much easier it would be to just have something quick for Jaxon to eat rather than making salmon and a baked potato for him. (He doesn’t seem to like sweet potatoes)  For one split second I remembered making my kids chicken nuggets for lunch. I have no idea why I thought about that. BUT having Jaxon eat as healthy as possible is very important to me and I will do the best I can to continue making both him and I REAL lunches. Again, I just have to PLAN ahead.
A dear friend of mine lost her dad to cancer this week. I have shared in her joys and her heartaches as she has followed beside him on this emotional journey throughout the last year. Although I did not know her dad personally, I feel that through her I became a part of his journey as well. Times like these always make me think of how that ugly disease has taken such a dominating role in our culture. I have no scientific proof of cancer being linked to the foods we eat, but I believe in my heart that there is a distinct correlation. I hold no degrees in nutrition nor do I have any medical training. I’m simply someone who has strong opinions and beliefs about the food we put in our bodies and the effect that food can have on our health. Sometimes our health decisions are based on facts and other times they are based on ‘gut feelings’.
Today I pray for comfort and strength for a dear friend and her family.


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