Monday, December 20, 2010

Challenge 2 - Day 7

One week in to the second part of my challenge. My day was fairly busy so I’m glad I had a ‘plan’ for lunch and didn’t have to stand in the middle of the kitchen with the “what should we eat” expression on my face. J

Tomorrow’s ‘menu’ is
Breakfast – Grapefruit and whole wheat toast                                                
Lunch – avocado sandwich with tomato slice – I’d never had this before but tried it while on vacation and now it’s my new favorite!                                          

Supper – black beans and brown rice
I am making a real effort to stay away from as much animal protein as possible for a while. When I make up a day’s menu, I tend to automatically put meat into the menu and work around that! That’s something I’m going to need to get used to for a while so it becomes more natural for me. Again, I’m not going to give up meat entirely, just cut back on it.  
*Thought for the day*
·         Discipline is not what you do TO yourself; it is what you do FOR yourself. Without self-discipline, we can't make appropriate choices to make us better.
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