Saturday, April 23, 2011

Challenge 2

Day 113
Mini Challenge #2  - Fruits and Vegetables – Week of April 24th – April 30th
Our Beverage challenge is over today and I trust each of you has learned a little bit about yourself and your drinking habits. J For many of you, this wasn’t much of a challenge since you are already taking charge of what you are drinking. For others, the challenge didn’t make it off the ground! SO…. Are you ready for Challenge # 2? The next challenge will allow you to ADD something to your day instead of taking something away. Cool – Right?
Challenge #2 is this: Have a minimum of 2 fruits/veggies at every breakfast, lunch, and supper meal. Honestly, I think this will be a challenge for everyone, me included. I eat a lot of fruit and veggies, but I know I don’t have 2 at every meal. Keep in mind that the challenge is to get rid of something you would typically eat (chips, fries, crackers) and replace it with a healthier choice of fruit or vegetable.
Some suggestions:
 *Add fruit in your oatmeal or cereal – blueberries, sliced banana, sliced strawberries, and have a side of fruit too. (pears, apples etc)
*Mash up a banana to go in your pancake batter
*Make an omelet filled with fresh veggies and have fruit on the side
* Make a smoothie with frozen fruit and a banana
*Have a wrap with veggies inside (cucumber, avocado, tomatoes, onions, lettuce) and fruit on the side
* Have raw veggies with hummus (quick and easy to make your own)
*Stir frys are packed with fresh veggies
*Have a salad with your supper and a side of veggies
*Quesadillas filled with a variety of veggies
*Have two vegetables sides with supper
* Veggie kabobs on the grill
* Have fruit as dessert

Tomorrow’s Easter dinner will be the perfect time to begin this challenge as there are usually several choices of vegetables available. Good luck on Challenge #2 my friends and I want to wish each of you a very Blessed Easter.
*Thought for the day*
"The tomb of Christ is famous because of what it DOES NOT CONTAIN." Sam Morris

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