Thursday, May 5, 2011

Challenge 2

Day 125
I think I’ve created a monsterJ.  Dwight came in the house tonight and began telling me about a conversation he had with our neighbor. The neighbor’s son has had some health issues in the past and evidently is having some more problems. Anyway, they were talking about how the son is on a special diet and the doctor told him to cut down on meat and he needs to lose some weight among other things. The neighbor proceeded to tell Dwight about how bad some foods are for you and effects they can have on your health and how bad margarine is for you. (I knew that J) and how cooking things in the microwave decreases food value by destroying nutrients and many other negative effects of using the microwave. (This is something I’ve read articles on but haven’t taken any steps in not using the microwave although I do think about it every time I use it!)  So now Dwight vows we will not be cooking anything in the microwave. ~ It just makes me smile when I hear him ramble on about things like this. He believes the neighbor who is a 100% old fashioned, don’t give me any bull**** kind of guy but when I mention maybe not eating as much meat for a week, he thinks his body might shut down. Ha! One thing is for sure, everyone is THINKING about food more and how it affects your body and that makes my heart smile.
PS – For supper we had a pasta dish (with no meat J) and he said he didn’t miss the meat at all. *smile*

*Thought for the day*
Plan well for your future because that’s where you’re going to spend the rest of your life.

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