Friday, May 6, 2011

Tomorrow ends Challenge #3 and I’ll admit, this one has been easy for me. I will say that I did eat some hamburger in goulash the other day, but other than that, meat free!
Are you up for Challenge #4?
 May 8th – May 14th – Drink 8 cups of water each day
There’s no perfect formula for everyone when it comes to the amount of water needed but in general, 8-9 glasses are recommended each day. People that exercise vigorously or those that live in warmer climates may require more than others. This challenge is for WATER ONLY, so you can’t count other fluids that you drink. That will make it a little more difficult. I drink quite a bit of water but I don’t think I drink 8 glasses every day so I’ll have to make a conscious effort of getting this done each day. Try to spread out the amount of water you drink over the course of the day. Don’t wait until later afternoon and guzzle 3 glasses of water to reach your goal. Your belly and your bladder won’t be happy with you. Each time I’m in the kitchen I take a couple drinks and over a day’s time it really adds up. For those pop drinkers (and yes, there are a lot of you out there), this is yet another way to cut out a little bit of pop. Notice I didn’t say give it up all together, I said cut out a little bit. J So there it is, Challenge #4. Easy? Difficult? We’ll see!!
*Thought of the day*      
"For the chicken the egg demands involvement, but for the pig bacon demands total commitment."  John Price

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