Monday, May 9, 2011

Challenge 2

Day 129
We spent Mother’s Day weekend in Denver visiting with Jon and Katie and drove home yesterday so I didn’t get my 64 oz of water in. If I had, we would have been making even more stops than we already do!! J Today though, I got in 8 glasses of water and even a glass of iced tea! It was so darn hot here today that iced tea sounded great but I made myself drink my quota of water first. I did have to make a conscious effort to drink a little bit here and there all day long but I had my water quota met by 4:30 this afternoon.
We finally got our garden in today (I should say Dwight got our garden in today) and I’m already anxious for the produce to start! Oh how I wish I could grow vegetables year around. I’ve considered having a small greenhouse just so we can always have fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. I don’t know the first thing about greenhouses but I’m guessing it’s more work than it appears to be. But having a fresh juicy tomato in the middle of December just might be worth it.
I found an interesting article about fruit snacks that we all give our kids/grandkids. Take a second to check it out. Once again, we as consumers need to REALLY look at the packaging and the ingredients. Kids might as well be eating candy.
Keep up the good work with our 8 glasses of water challenge!! Drink – Drink – Drink!
*Thought for the day*
GOOD NEWS: CHEESECAKE IS NOT FATTENING (provided you get sufficient physical exercise).

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