Friday, June 17, 2011

Food Journal – DAY 6
6:30 am – Started the day off with a sliced up orange and a banana. One of my favorite fruit combinations in the mornings. I also had a cup of dry granola (homemade).
11:30 am – Veggie sandwich – Wheat bread, lettuce, spinach, bell peppers, cucumbers, onions, olives, banana peppers, pickles. My family thinks this would be dry without mayo but it’s not at all. One of my favorite go-to sandwiches!
2:30 pm – an orange
4:00 pm – Pistachios
6:30 pm – An enormous piece of watermelon J
A friend of mine has been making a radical change in her life by not drinking Diet Coke for several days now and I’m SO happy for her!! That’s made me think about how many calories are hidden in the things we drink and how quickly the extra calories add up. When people drink their calories, they don’t normally compensate by eating less food, therefore adding ‘hidden’ calories to their daily intake.
Let’s take a look:
* 12 oz glass of juice with breakfast – approx 170 calories
* 16 oz cafĂ© latte with milk –mid morning snack – approx 250 calories
* 16 oz sweetened tea with lunch - approx 120 calories
* 12 oz fruit smoothie – afternoon snack – approx 300 calories
                              That’s an extra 840 calories a day!!
Something to think about. J

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