Monday, July 11, 2011

Yesterday I made a Wal Mart run (one of my most dreaded experiences is shopping at Wal Mart. I think it should be used as some form of punishment) J The lady in front of me at the check-out line was talking on her cell phone as she was unloading her cart and she continued to talk on her phone the entire time. Not once was a word exchanged between the shopper and the clerk. Not a single word! It struck as so odd that she didn’t even have the courtesy to get off her phone to pay for her purchases! And we wonder why the world is so ‘different’ now. People don’t even exchange “hellos” anymore!! I think cell phones have a place in our world but I’m the first to say that people can be very rude when using their cell phones too! Drives me nuts!!
We are heading to the lake to camp for a few days and my goal is to really focus on what I eat while I’m there. I rarely eat chips at home, but for some reason I love to eat chips when I’m camping. I have no idea why! But once I get in the camper, that bag of chips seems to call out my name. That… along with my weakness for bbq hamburgers is going to be a real test for me while we’re camping. I plan on bringing lots of fruits and veggies with me so I will be a bit less tempted.
I have been faithful at going to the pool every morning but obviously won’t be able to do that while we’re camping so I’m going to be extra strict with myself on what I’m eating until I get back. That’s “the plan” anyway, wish me luck!
I hope each of you has a great week and I’ll let you know if I win the Chips vs Me Challenge. Ha! J
*Thought for the day*
Remind yourself how good life can be. From there, you can make it even better.

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