Tuesday, August 7, 2012

JAXON: “Grandma, do you have cookies?”
ME: “No I don’t.”
JAXON: “Let’s check.”

J After checking in the freezer and ‘offically’ determining I didn’t have cookies, I knew it was time to make some today!! Next time I see him, I’ll have a surprise for him with fresh baked cookies. He’ll give me a fist pump and say, “YES!” I love how little kids can be genuinely happy about something as simple as cookies as a ‘surprise’.

Both Jaxon and Braylon ‘helped’ us pick tomatoes and cucumbers in the garden yesterday. Jaxon was so excited each time he found a red tomato! Braylon on the other hand picked the first tomato he found regardless of color. He proudly holds up a green tomato and says, “apple!” J   After filling a large bowl with cucumbers, tomatoes, and a spaghetti squash that was picked by ‘accident’ according to Jaxon, it was loaded in the back end of the miniature tractor and hauled from the garden to the house. Super cute!

Believe it or not, school officially begins in two days with teachers reporting on Thursday, which means I start my ‘job’ of watching the boys while mommy and daddy head back to work. Last night, I decided it was time to plan out a few days of menus for the boys, which will be a bit different for me as I’ve been eating cucumbers and tomatoes morning, noon, and night! J

*thought for the day*

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