Thursday, March 14, 2013


Typically when you hear the word 'sneaky' it has a negative connotation but occasionally it can have a positive undertone as well. After church Wednesday night, I sneakily (is that a word?) left a note on the seat at church addressed to our pastor. Basically it thanked him for his messages and challenging us to think outside our comfort zone. It expressed thankfulness for the love he showed the body of the church and for the time he gave when anyone needs him. As with all my other 'random' acts, I assumed I wouldn't hear a thing about it but this time was slightly different. This evening my hubby and I went out for supper with pastor and we had a great visit. As we talked pastor mentioned that 'someone' had left a note on the front seat after church and he talked about how nice it made him feel to know that he was touching people through his ministry in the church and how he simply appreciated being thanked. At this point I thought for sure hubby was going to spoil it by giving one of his goofy looks but he didn't so the secret is safe. :)
It seems so easy to say negative remarks yet so often we don't take the time to say a few simple words of encouragement. Whether spoken in kindness or spoken in hatred words are incredibly powerful; let's choose kindness,

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