Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The kitchen cupboards finally arrived!

You know those stories that you read where Krafty Kathy remodeled her entire kitchen for $100?  Well.... I will not be posting one of the those brilliant DYI posts.

The first time we looked at this house we immediately began talking about moving this wall and tearing out that wall. We didn't care that it was outdated and needed more than just a coat of paint on the walls.We didn't see all the work ahead of us. We simply saw what the house could be. We didn't think about the chasm between the before and after. 

After being discombobulated for the last several months, seeing these cabinets sitting in the middle of an empty kitchen made me do a happy dance. 

Every aspect of this remodel is stretching me outside of my 'normal'. And I have to be honest, it's exciting to be stretched.

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