Wednesday, October 28, 2015


No matter how much planning takes place, there will be snags. 

After reconfiguring the kitchen because the fridge stuck out into a doorway, it didn't occur to me that the outlets to the microwave and stove needed to be moved as well. (Geez, am I supposed to think of everything?) :)  So of course when the kitchen cabinets were being installed, our contractor, M., asked me, "Shouldn't this outlet be over here?" 
"Well yes it should." I said.

I called the electrician (I now have his phone number memorized) and explained the situation. He sent his guys over the next day to fix things. Problem solved.

Later that evening we went into town to look at the new cabinets. Hanging from a kitchen light was a strip of green painters tape with a note from our contractor saying "This needs to be moved."
The light was going to sit directly over a cupboard door! ** One more snag from the kitchen snafu.

That means we had to cut a hole in the finished kitchen ceiling to move the light. Uugghh.....

I had Dwight call the electrician to break the news. I'm sure every time our number shows up on his phone he must wonder "What do those people want NOW?" 

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